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(Unpopular) Opinion: Josh Rosen Belongs In Miami

Mark Brown, Getty Images

Back in 2018, a young Josh Rosen out of UCLA was selected with the 10th pick of the NFL Draft. In the eyes of many, the first-rounder was promising, for sure.

I remember as if it was yesterday, mainly because I was there: first row, inner circle section, about to be ecstatic for the Miami Dolphins’ 11th pick in which they selected Fitzpatrick (not the Fins’ Fitz, but the one that got away).

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Commissioner Roger Goodell made the announcement that the Oakland Raiders traded their pick to Arizona. Then, after getting the call, there he is, walking through the tunnel, anxious but confident as only winners can be… standing on stage to receive his No. 1 jersey, posing for THE picture.

Afterwards he got interviewed. His eloquence is remarkable, he seems humble and professional, ready to begin the professional journey, and eager to go to Arizona and start working.

It was evident that Cardinals fans were expecting him. The team needed a quarterback desperately. They missed on selecting Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen and couldn’t get Kirk Cousins via free agency.

So this was like finding water in the desert.

Josh, the great:

Back at UCLA, Rosen was a terrific signal-caller, garnering very acceptable numbers. In some areas, similar or better than Tua Tagovailoa’s for instance: 9640 career passing yards and 712 pass completions. Some others, such as completion and rate were less impressive but still fairly good.

If we take a look at his college career, we’ll see lots of unbelievable plays, good readings, quick decision-making, swiftness and long throws thanks to the likes of his strong arm, one’s of the league’s best.

Fun fact, Rosen and Tagovailoa faced each other back in 2014 in a high school showdown between St. Louis and St. John Bosco (poetic, huh?), resulting in a 63-14 victory for senior Josh Rosen, throwing for 252 yards that magical night.

Rosen’s struggles:

Since Tagovailoa was drafted, Rosen’s faith hasn’t been clear. Brian Flores stated that Miami’s triad would have the same chances and everything was about competitiveness, hard work and motivation, which it has been.

Since the beginning of training camp, the opportunities have been there to the three quarterbacks. However, there’s almost no question that Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t be the Week 1 starter. The truth is, Fitzpatrick’s positive attitude, experience and mentoring has been, or at least it seems to be a little bit favored over Tua and Rosen.

Now, Rosen has changed a lot since last season: he joined a team under reconstruction, with a new head coach, new teammates, new system and he barely played six games, starting only three, throwing 5 interceptions and only 1 touchdown pass. Don’t get me wrong, I know it was his second year in the league, but things weren’t that different when he was in Arizona under first-year coach Steve Wilks.

And with Miami set to pay Rosen $4.9 million over the next two years, it’s believed by many that his current trade value would be more valuable then his future.

Rosen belongs in Miami:

While fans are eager to see their 2020 first-round pick lined up under center from the gate, the most realistic scenario would feature him behind Fitzpatrick and potentially Rosen in the depth chart.

The need to keep Tagovailoa learning the playbook, gaining experience and getting used to NFL pace, lead’s to the idea that having three quarterbacks is really not a bad idea. All motivated and hardworking, their room featuring two first-round draft picks and a veteran who has loads of experience, there’s no going wrong with the situation.

To sum up: Rosen is not only is a great player; he’s been improving, he has the strongest arm of Miami’s triad, he’s fast, he’s motivated, he’s worth a lot of money and would be the best backup quarterback the organization has ever had.

Let alone the fact that Miami is a totally different team that will be a lot more benevolent for a man that has spent his first two years behind some of the worst offensive-lines recorded.

But again, maybe I’m the only one who sees these perks in keeping him.

Mexican experienced teacher who loves talking football, NFL and Miami Dolphins... opinions included. Amateur singer and passionate Dolfan. Staff on @NFLGirlsMx and collaborator for @SomosDolphins I do what I can with what I've got, so... #womeninsports

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mitch

    September 2, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    We need to keep Rosen because Tua will shatter like a cheap Xmas tree ornament the first time an NFL caliber LB levels him.
    I would love for Tua to be everything the Stans think he will be, but history says otherwise.
    If we give Rosen time, he could be a phenomenal back-up QB and a starter if our ‘franchise’ gets injured again.

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