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Tua Tagovailoa: ‘The Lion And The Gazelle’

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

What’s not to love about the sound bites coming from the Miami Dolphins‘ post-practice interviews? Especially when the future of the franchise found a way to reference a lion and gazelle when talking about the Dolphins.

“The lion and the gazelle,” said rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. “They both wake up in the morning and they’ve both got to run. One runs from something and one runs to something. Which one are you? You try to wake up and become a lion every day. I’m chasing to be the best Tua that I can be, both on and off the field.”

This is exactly what you want to hear from the No. 5 overall pick. In fact, those qualities may have never been more valuable. This season has already seen players opt out of playing as a result of the pandemic. And more specifically for Miami, starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s future is undetermined following the loss of his mother.

During the recent team scrimmage, we got a look at how the team’s offense could potentially perform with Tagovailoa or Josh Rosen at the helm. Although it was only one scrimmage, it was a little bit underwhelming, with the defense securing more interceptions than touchdowns scored by the offense.

However, coach Brian Flores seemed encouraged by what he saw. 

“I think if you don’t see a bunch of touchdowns scored, you feel like the quarterback is not playing well. That’s not necessarily the case, not in my opinion,” said Flores.

Flores added that the quarterbacks made some really good decisions during the scrimmage. He pointed out that they avoided other potential turnovers and that speaks volumes coming from a defensive-minded coach.

Many fans have been clamoring for Tua to be the week one starter since the day he was drafted. If that ends up being the case due to these circumstances, fans can rest assured that his “lion” mindset won’t let him shy away from the big moment. 

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