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The Magic That Was The Dolphins’ Offense In 2020

Jeff Romance, The Palm Beach Post

Do you believe in magic? Well, for Miami Dolphins fans who wanted their team to succeed in 2020, they had no choice but to believe. 

Miami scored a total of 404 points this season. That’s an impressive number by their standards. The last time the Dolphins scored over 400 points in a single season was 1986 under head coach Don Shula. The Dan Marino led Dolphins scored a total of 430 points that year.

Who doesn’t love a good magic show?

We may all enjoy a good magic show, but at the end of the day, it is just an illusion. A magician tricks your senses to believe that what you are seeing is real. 

If someone told you the Dolphins scored over 400 points in a season, you might think that they would be ranked top five or even top ten in the league. However, the game has changed. New rules with an emphasis on player safety cater to the offense, and scoring is up all across the league. Miami’s 404 point offense was only good enough to be ranked No. 15 this season. Meanwhile, similar production in 1986 was good enough to be ranked first.

Every good magician needs an assistant.

Really good magicians have beautiful assistants that are critical to selling the illusion. Miami’s offense of the 1980s was no illusion, they were the best, so it was all Marino and company getting the job done. 

The most recent version of the Dolphins was assisted by their defense. Not only did the 2020 Dolphins defense give their offense more opportunities to score by forcing at least one turnover every game; they also scored some points on their own. Miami’s defense was also the best at limiting the scoring of opposing teams. They were ranked No. 1 going into the final game of the season, ultimately finishing, a still impressive, No. 6, after a poor showing in the final game.

Back to reality

The Dolphins’ offense never established an identity this season. With the magician himself, ‘Fitzmagic’ orchestrated more of a loose, gunslinging, air it out style. With Tua Tagovailoa, the Dolphins seemed to try multiple approaches. Miami attempted to run the option, the no huddle, the conservative run heavy and even the aforementioned air it out with Tua. There was even more usage of the wildcat once made famous by another Dolphins team with a few tricks up their sleeves.

The bottom line is magic is fun. Be that as it may, Miami will need a little bit more to make future playoff pushes and compete for titles. 

The good news is the Dolphins have a chance to hit the reset button on their offensive philosophy for 2021. Miami will have a new offensive coordinator and will definitely add weapons through the draft and free agency. A little bit of magic sprinkled in never hurts, too.

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