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The Evolution Of The Miami Dolphins Logo


Ever since the Miami Dolphins were founded in 1966, the franchise has endured a rich history of success with the same symbol on its logo: a teal dolphin and an orange circle representing the sun. However, the emblem has experienced several modifications.

In 2013, the Dolphins unveiled a new logo, color-scheme, and uniform. The logo removed the helmet from the dolphin. The dolphin itself transformed into more of a silhouette rather than the animal itself. The rebranding of the franchise was deemed by CEO Tom Garfinkel to be gearing the team up for the 21st century while still respecting the traditions of the past. 

The Miami Dolphins surely opened a can of worms in 2015. Just two years prior, the team made the most drastic change to its uniform and logo in team history.

The new-look has drawn mixed reviews across the fanbase. Some loved it, some accepted it, while the rest took it to social media to express their disgust. Unsure if the fan reaction was the motive behind the next move, the Dolphins truly gave a nod to the past in 2015 when they introduced the 1966 teal throwback jerseys as alternates and from there the madness ensued.

The classic look received rave reviews, with many saying that the team plays better when wearing those throwbacks, and they may have a point.

The Dolphins won play of the year in 2019 (The Mountaineer Shot) and 2018 (The Miami Miracle) while sporting these jerseys. Both games were also won against the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles who each won their divisions in the respective years. 

The Dolphins have had six logos to date.

1966 to 1973 – The Original Logo

(Inspiration for Current Throwbacks) 
  • Record: Wins: 68, Losses: 48, Ties: 3
  • Win Average: .558
  • Super Bowl Wins: 2

1974 – 1989 

  • Record: Wins: 152, Losses: 87, Ties: 1
  • Win Average: .635

1989 – 1996 

  • Record: Wins: 67, Losses: 45, Ties: 0
  • Win Average .598

1997 – 2012

  • Record: Wins: 127, Losses: 129, Ties: 0
  • Win Average .496

2013 – 2017 

  • Record: Wins: 38, Losses: 42, Ties: 0
  • Win Average .475

2018 – Present (Color Shift back to Aqua and Orange)

  • Record: Wins: 12, Losses: 20, Ties: 0
  • Win Average .375

Yes, the Dolphins throwbacks are stylish, however, everyone loves a winner. Miami was crowned world champions wearing those threads in the 70s. The team also achieved perfection while wearing those ‘unis’. Fans have to admit that they are overcome with nostalgia when they see their team looking like the winners of yesteryear. 

The good news for fans is there is a place in this world for the old and new look. Fashion changes with time just like music does. With both music and fashion, some people will never accept change.

Conversely there are some people that love modern music but still appreciate the oldies. The Dolphins have worn their classic throwbacks as alternate jerseys every year since they have been introduced. In addition to adding the white throwbacks to the rotation. It looks like both styles will remain in rotation at least until Miami can revise their base uniforms in alignment with NFL rules.

As mentioned earlier, everyone loves a winner. The Tua Tagovailoa era is soon to begin in Miami. Tua’s jersey is currently the #1 selling jersey on NFL Shop. If these Miami Dolphins return to their winning ways, there will be a new generation of fans that will treasure the current look the way many adore the classic look from the good old days. 

Share your thoughts. Are you a fan of both the new look and classic look? 

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  1. Tom S

    May 13, 2020 at 6:17 pm

    I could live with the new uniform design if they replaced the powder blue with the original aqua – Best shade ever was in the uniforms worn during Superbowl VIII.

    • Anonymous

      May 13, 2020 at 10:18 pm

      Doesn’t matter what they wear. I’m a Dolphan for life. 1976

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