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Should The Dolphins Trade Up For A Quarterback?

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For Dolphins Fans, the NFL Draft can’t come any sooner. I am sure everyone is tired of the mock drafts and reading the speculative articles. Yes, this is another one, But bear with me while I will try to make this as painless as possible. 

The Dolphins possess the 5th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. The general consensus is that they are targeting a quarterback with that pick. Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa have emerged as the favorites. 

If one of those guys are at the top of Miami’s draft board, do they need to trade up to get them?

The draft order ahead of Miami is as follows:

  1. Cincinnati Bengals 

Joe Burrow in all likelihood is the pick here. He is the hometown guy and coming off one of the best years for a college quarterback. The Bengals are ready to upgrade from Andy Dalton and this just seems like a no brainer.

  1. Washington Redskins 

The Redskins have Alex Smith on the roster. They also invested a first-round pick on Dwayne Haskins in the 2019 draft and Washington just traded for Kyle Allen this offseason. It seems unlikely that they are drafting a quarterback. 

  1. Detroit Lions 

Detroit’s general manager and coach are on the hot seat, so they are trying to win now. They will most likely ride it out with Matt Stafford rather than gambling on one of the rookie quarterback prospects.

  1. New York Giants 

The Giants drafted Daniel Jones 6th overall in 2019. Jones showed potential and it appears that they are not ready to move on from him yet. 

Great, so Miami should be all set sitting back at #5 and having their choice of any quarterback not named Joe Burrow. 

Well, not exactly.

There have been rumors that Detroit and New York are willing to trade back and have started talking to teams. There are many “quarterback-needy” teams behind Miami. The Los Angeles Chargers and New England Patriots are definitely in the market. The Saints, Buccaneers, and Colts could be eyeing their quarterback of the future.

There’s good news and bad news in all of that. In the NFL when coaches and generals managers move on to new teams, they usually keep a connection to their old team. We witnessed that with Tony Sparano when the Miami Dolphins became the Miami Cowboys. It also occurred again with Adam Gase when he subjected us to his boys Jay Cutler and Brock Osweiler. We still see it today now that Brian Flores moved from the Patriots and many ex-Patriots are also suiting up in aqua and orange. 

The Good News 

Miami has a connection with the Detroit Lions and New York Giants. Matt Patricia is the head coach in Detroit. He and Brian Flores spent time together on the New England coaching staff. The New York Giants have former Dolphins coaches Patrick Graham and Jerry Schuplinkski. Both of these guys were on Brian Flores’ staff in Miami. 

This is a connection that Miami can leverage to get the inside track if any team tries to jump ahead of them by trading with the Lions or Giants. 

The Bad News 

The New England Patriots have the same connections that the Dolphins do with Detroit and New York. In fact, the Bill Belichick connection should carry more weight than that of Brian Flores. That means if Miami is jockeying for position with the Patriots they may lose or it may cost them more. 

My Thoughts on This 

Under no circumstances should Miami trade up from the fifth pick. If someone tries to jump them, let them. Take the next guy on your board and make the most of your additional picks. 

Besides, the team trading down usually gets the better end of the deal and the team trading up usually regrets it. 

The Dolphins gave up their 2nd round pick to swap the 12th overall pick for the 3rd overall pick with Oakland in the 2013 NFL Draft. Miami drafted Dion Jordan who turned out to be a bust. To make matters worse, there were 26 future pro bowlers drafted after Miami’s original #12 spot. The likes of Darius Slay, DeAndre Hopkins and Le’Veon Bell were all available.

Miami should stay put at the #5 spot. Period! 

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