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Miami Fans! It’s All Fun and Games Until…

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The Miami Dolphins have a plan and so far have been able to execute it flawlessly. The objective has been to:

  1. Find a Good Head Coach
  2. Shed Bad Contracts 
  3. Create a Winning Culture
  4. Generate Salary Cap Flexibility
  5. Acquire Draft Capital
  6. Find a Bridge Quarterback
  7. Draft a Franchise Quarterback for the Future
  8. Sustain a Winning Culture

The Dolphins have checked objectives one through five off the list. They also believe that they have checked number six off the list. I personally love what the Dolphins have done so far and I am looking forward to what will happen in the draft. That is when they will most likely attempt to check #7 off the list.

That’s where I start to have nightmares! 

This offseason is critical for the Miami Dolphins. Major missteps could set the franchise back another decade. If the Dolphins misfired in free agency and botch the draft, this could lead to another coach and general manager search in the near future. 

The AFC East smells the blood in the water. Brady no longer resides in the conference and New York and Buffalo believe that they have their franchise quarterbacks. Jury is still out on both in my opinion. The Bills are also coming off of a playoff season and the Jets finished last season hot.

Meanwhile, the Patriots not only lose Brady, but add Kyle Van Noy, Jamie Collins Sr., Danny Shelton and Ted Karras to the list of key departures.

The Patriots have shipped out players and let players walk before. Regardless, it never seemed to phase them. The constants during the recent dynasty have been Brady, Belichick, and Kraft. As mentioned earlier, everyone knows Brady is now in Tampa. The AFC East crown should be up for grabs, just like it was in 2008 when the Dolphins won it. That was the last time Brady was not the starter for the Patriots (injured in game one and missed the season).

It’s all fun and games until………

Belichick always seems to have a plan. Even if he has to bend the rules. The New England Patriots could be trying to execute objectives 6, 7, and 8 themselves. 

6. Find a Bridge Quarterback

7. Draft a Franchise Quarterback for the Future

8. Sustain a Winning Culture

It’s all fun and games until the Patriots best the Dolphins at their offseason game-plan!

Cam Newton and Jamies Winston are available Free Agents. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, they will not be suiting up for the Dolphins in 2020. One of these quarterbacks could be a bridge quarterback for the Patriots next season. Belichick could also maximize their potential and win a lot of games. #6 ✔️

Then there is the draft. If the Patriots find the next Tom Brady in the draft on top of this, then put me out of my misery now! #7 ✔️

The good news Dolphins fans is the Patriots have not been as resilient as before. Tight-end Rob Gronkowski was big loss and the Patriots did not have an answer for that. I think that was the beginning of the end and the frustration on Brady’s face last season showed it. 

While the Patriots have always seemed to be ten steps ahead of the AFC East and everyone else for that matter, I think the Dolphins are making the right moves to dethrone them. 

Dolphins fans, trust the process! That is unless it doesn’t work and then I welcome all of the hate mail.

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