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Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins win Play of the Year at NFL Honors 2020

Miami Dolphins

For the second year in a row, the Miami Dolphins came away with the NFL’s Play of the Year.

Last year’s “Miami Miracle” saw the Dolphins upset the New England Patriots with a last-second, lateral-filled touchdown.

This year, the Dolphins special teams unit teamed up for the most exciting touchdown pass of the season .

The play, called the “Mountaineer Shot,” was announced Saturday at the Bridgestone Clutch Performance Play of the Year at NFL Honors.

The play resulted in punter Matt Haack throwing a touchdown pass to kicker Jason Sanders. It was the first time in NFL history a punter had thrown a touchdown pass to a kicker.

The touchdown came in the second quarter of the December 1st home games versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

The play itself involved a strange formation that saw five Dolphins, including the kicker Sanders, lined up wide to left. Four other players lined up to the right. Center Daniel Kilgore and the punter Haack remained in the shotgun formation, alone, in the center of the field.

The Dolphins were trailing 13-7 and facing a fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line at this point.

Philadelphia lined up with the Dolphins players outside and placed two rushers on either side of Kilgore.

Haack took the snap and went left. Sanders feigned a block then slipped behind Eagles defenders into the end zone.

Haack then underhanded the ball to Sanders, who caught while on his knees.

The Dolphins’ 37-31 victory over Philly was viewed as an upset, especially considering the Eagles were vying for a playoff spot at that time.

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