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Miami Dolphins Wide Receivers Pre-Draft Preview

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The Miami Dolphins currently have 11 wide receivers signed on the roster as we near the NFL Draft in Albert Wilson, DeVante Parker, Preston Williams, Jakeem Grant, Allen Hurns, Mack Hollins, Isaiah Ford, Andy Jones, Ricardo Louis, Gary Jennings, and Terry Wright.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 4 receivers for Miami and their impact last season and what they could add this upcoming season.

DeVante Parker

DeVante Parker had a breakout year in 2019, finishing with 1,202 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns. 

New Orleans’ Michael Thomas led the league in receiving yards with 1725. Atlanta’s Julio Jones had 1394 yards while Tampa Bay’s Chris Godwin finished with 1333. Parker was fourth in the list, finishing with 1202 yards.

Parker’s touchdowns total ranked him at 3rd in the NFL last season, behind Rams wide receivers Cooper Kupp, who had 10 and Detroit’s Kenny Golladay, who finished with a league-best 11 touchdowns.

By the numbers, Parker was one of the top wide receivers in the league and probably the best in AFC last season.

Preston Williams

Preston Williams, an undrafted free agent appears to be a remarkable steal for the Dolphins so far. Many factors diminished Williams draft stock. Preston Williams was arrested and pled guilty for an altercation with his girlfriend. Williams was not invited to the NFL Combine because of his off the field issues. Compounding it all, Williams did not perform well in his pro-day according to some NFL general managers.

Preston Williams looked good on tape and had 1,345 yards and 14 touchdowns in his final collegiate season. If not for his issues, he could have been an early round draft pick.

The Dolphins kicked the tires on Preston Williams. He had an impressive preseason. This led to him making the final active roster. There were some games early in the season where Williams looked even better Parker. Unfortunately Preston Williams rookie season was cut short in week 9 as a result of suffering a torn ACL. Coincidentally, he was having the best game of his career with five catches for 72 yards and two touchdowns against the New York Jets.

Jakeem Grant

Jakeem Grant had made a name for himself on Special Teams with the Miami Dolphins. Grant used his speed and elusiveness to score 1 punt and kick return touchdown last season. On offense, his size at 5-foot-7 has sometimes been a liability. Nonetheless, Grant has used his speed to have some memorable plays on offense, but has yet to be a consistent contributor when lining up as wide receiver. Jakeem Grant has also finished the last two seasons on Miami’s injured reserve.

Albert Wilson

Speaking of speed; a memorable Miami moment for fans was the Albert Wilson High Five Touchdown with Jakeem Grant.

Albert Wilson signed with Miami in 2018 to help fill the void left by Jarvis Landry. Wilson looked decent in 2018 with four touchdowns in seven games. Unfortunately that season was cut short because of a hip injury.

Wilson returned in 2019. Initially things started slow but Wilson had some big plays in Miami’s wins down the stretch. Wilson is a quality wideout. You have a good wide receiver group if Wilson is the third or fourth guy on your depth chart. The main problem is Wilson accounts for $10.8 million against the salary cap this year.

The Miami Dolphins have a lot of potential at wide receiver. The keyword in that statement is potential.

Too Many Question Marks

Will DeVante Parker continue to play like a true #1 receiver?

Can Preston Williams pick up where he left off following his ACL injury?

Can Jakeem Grant expand his role beyond special teams? 

Will Albert Wilson live up to the investment or even make the team? 

Too many questions, and for that reason; the Miami Dolphins will upgrade the wide receiver given the right opportunity.

“We can’t rule out any position. You can think you’re deep at a position and an injury changes that real quickly.” – Chris Grier, Miami Dolphins General Manager

The upcoming NFL Draft is an excellent opportunity for an upgrade. This draft is expected to be deep at the receiver spot. It is no secret that Miami has enough draft picks to get anyone they want. A wide receiver should definitely be one of those wants!

Whether or not, if Miami chooses to pursue a receiver in the early, middle, or end of the NFL Draft, the Dolphins will have a number of receivers to pursue.

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