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Garo Yepremian: The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

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Garo Yepremian, the late field-goal kicker, proved to be one of the most proficient in NFL history throughout his 14 years in the league, with the bulk of his time coming with the Miami Dolphins.

Over the course of his career, Yepremian was a first-team All-Pro in 1971 and 1973 and made two Pro Bowl appearances in 1973 and 1978. He also led the league in field-goal percentage in 1970, 1975, and 1978 and was voted to the NFL’s 1970s All-Decade Team. His 210 made field goals are the 55th-most all-time.

Here are the two most memorable moments of his Dolphins career, from his kick that sent Miami to the AFC Championship to one of the most famous bloopers in the history of the National Football League.

The Longest Game Ever

As Christmas Day turned into night in 1971, during the longest game (without interruption) in NFL history, Yepremian sinked a 37-yard field goal in double overtime, sending the Dolphins to the AFC Championship Game.

Miami won the AFC title and weeks later, Yepremian’s one field goal gave Miami its only points as the Dolphins lost to the Dallas Cowboys, 24-3, in Super Bowl VI.

The Worst Play In NFL History

In 1972, Garo contributed largely as the leading scorer on route to the Undefeated Season by hitting on many clutch kicks along the way to help Miami stay unbeaten. 

But a single play instilled as the highlight, or shall I say, lowlight of his entire career. With just over two minutes left in Super Bowl VII, leading the Washington Redskins 14-0, Yepremian was sent on the field to essentially lock up the undefeated season and secure the Super Bowl victory.

However, the field goal was blocked and Yepremian picked up the ball and tried to throw it but fumbled, and the Redskins’ Mike Bass ran it 49 yards for a touchdown, creating one of the worst plays in the history of the league.

Despite Yepremian’s mistake, The Dolphins went on to complete the NFL’s only perfect season. He also kicked for the Dolphins when they repeated as champions in 1973.

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