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From Young To Vick To Tagovailoa

Tom Lynn/ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1999, Pinterest, Butch Dill

Michael Vick was one of the most prolific quarterbacks of his time. He brought video game statistics and eye-popping gameplay to the NFL. In fact, Vick was the first quarterback to rush for over 1,000 yards and throw 20 touchdowns in a single season. 

Vick is now an analyst for FOX Sports, and if he’s as good at his second career as he was at his first, then Dolphins fans are going to have plenty to cheer about the foreseeable future.

On a recent appearance on FOX Sports’ ‘The Herd’, starring host Colin Cowherd, Vick claimed that Tua Tagovailoa reminds him of Steve Young. 

“Just watching him throw the football reminds me of Steve Young,” Vick said.

The comparison to a Hall of Fame and three-time Super Bowl winning quarterback has to excite Dolphins fans, especially with the fact that the one making the bold statement knows what a gifted left-handed quarterback looks like.

Out of a total list of 32 players, Young and Vick are undeniably the best left-handed quarterbacks the league has ever seen.

Tagovailoa’s statistical performance from his college career seems to supports Michael Vick’s assessment. Per ESPN, Tagovailoa is the most efficient quarterback in college football history with a 199.4 career passer efficiency. He has the best career touchdown-interception ratio (7.91, 87 TDs to 11 INTs) in FBS history with a minimum of 70 passing touchdowns. He also has the best QBR (93.5) and yards per attempt (10.88) of any quarterback since at least 2004.

That was a trait that was synonymous with Steve Young, leading the league in passer rating six times and completion percentage five times. 

While on The Herd, Vick also made another proclamation that the former Alabama quarterback would be a week-1 starter for the Dolphins.

“The longest he’s gonna sit Collin is maybe a couple practices when they resume training camp,” Vick said. “He might be No. 2 on the depth chart for the first week of training camp and then from there, he should be No. 1 and take all the reps.

“When you watch this guy throw the football, the accuracy, his ball placement, it’s undeniable, you gotta play Tua early. It does you no good playing Ryan Fitzpatrick early in the season and in the first couple of games.”

Vick himself did not get the week one nod when he was a rookie in Atlanta, but confidently believes Tua should and will. 

One thing for sure is that every analyst will draw comparisons to Tua’s game as the hype grows, but in reality, he’ll be no one other than himself.

What Miami is hoping for is that when it is all said and done, Tua Tagovailoa is a champion! 

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