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305Sports Friday Fan Feature: The Mayor

Welcome to 305Sports Friday Fan Features. Every Friday we feature Miami Sports fans, just like you.

Meet the Miami Dolphins Fan that calls ‘The Jersey Shore’ home. Yes, the same Jersey Shore popularized by the MTV series featuring Snookie. 

Gary ‘The Mayor’ Pyatak

Gary is a retired Outside Electrical Salesman who has worked at the same wholesale electrical distributor for the last 46 years. During his career, he worked his way up, eventually being promoted to President of the Green Lights Energy Division. Gary currently resides in Toms River, New Jersey, just five miles from the famous Seaside Heights (featured in MTV’s Jersey Shore). 

Being from New Jersey, how did you become a Miami Dolphins fan?

“There were two teams not named the Miami Dolphins that were an hour north of me. Luckily when I became a football fan those stadiums were usually sold out. I would take my vacations in Florida during the winter months and that’s where it all began. 

One of my fondest memories was attending the “Mud Bowl” at the Miami Orange Bowl in 1983. This was the AFC Championship game where the Dolphins beat the Jets 14-0. After watching Dan Marino I was hooked! 

After that I would travel and attend a few games a year at Joe Robbie Stadium. The Miami Dolphins then introduced the partial season ticket plan and that got me to four games a year. I am now a season ticket holder and I attend most home games. I make it to most of these trips. Besides what could be better than mini-vacations in Florida while watching the Miami Dolphins!”

How did you get the nickname ‘The Mayor?’

“For road games, I attend a bar close to my home. Many local police officers frequent that bar and we all enjoy football Sundays together.  In their management ranks the mayor is the ultimate boss. They gave me the title; it worked, I liked it, and that’s how I became The Mayor.”

What’s your game-day routine like?

“As an out of town fan, my routine includes a flight from Atlantic City, NJ to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Typically I fly in on Thursdays and head back home on Mondays. I make sure to visit some of my favorite restaurants like Lulu’s and Bokamper’s. I sometimes make a trip down to Key West and get in some fishing when I can.

“On the actual game-days, I tailgate with my friends Jeff and Chucky. Our tailgate extravaganza is in section E12 and it’s always a good time. The energy is amazing and I usually bring a case of beer, 50 shot glasses, and a bottle of something good to fill those glasses. 

As luck would have it, Mike Gesicki’s parents were on the same flight as me from NJ to FL. I initially did not know who they were but his dad was wearing a Miami Dolphins shirt and a Penn State hat. I noticed the name Gesicki on his luggage so I asked if there was any relation. That led to one of the best tailgate experiences ever. I invited them to join our tailgate party that week and they showed up having a great time with all of us.

It is moments like these that make me hope that they allow fans at games in 2020. I am planning to attend every home game and I am so ready for the season!”

Thank you for sharing with us Gary! Fins Up! 

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Lead Writer for primarily covering the Miami Dolphins. Jamie is a lifelong sports fan and a student of the game. Jamie religiously attends Dolphins Home Games and considers Miami the coolest city on the planet. You can follow Jamie on Twitter @TheJamieBahamas and Instagram @JamieBahamas

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1 Comment

  1. Sue

    May 29, 2020 at 5:17 pm

    Gary is a phintasticperson. I was fortunate to work at the same company as he for 12 years!

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