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305Sports Friday Fan Feature: Allie Goodman

Welcome to 305Sports Friday Fan Features. Every Friday we feature Miami Sports fans, just like you.

You think you’re a big Miami Dolphins fan? This week’s 305Sports Friday Fan Feature actually shed blood for the Miami Dolphins! No, she did not fight a Jets fan, but she did get a tattoo of the Dolphins logo on her back. 

Meet Allie ‘Dolphreaky’ Goodman

Allie is a retail pharmacist that can always be found in Dolphins gear or at least sporting the team colors. She is a mother of two little Dolfans; Mia who is three years old and Jace who is two. If you were wondering Allie’s firstborn Mia is indeed named after the Miami Dolphins. Rumor is Jason Taylor might have influenced her son’s name but don’t tell her husband that.

Allie that is a cool fun fact about your kids. Hopefully, that leads to a long line of Dolphins fans.

“Well, interesting enough, that’s how I became a fan. My father is a diehard Dolphins fan. So it started with him. While I currently reside in Naples, Florida, I am originally from Easton, Pennsylvania, and growing up my dad had the NFL Sunday Ticket. That way we could watch every Dolphins game.

I was even a finalist in DIRECTV’s 2009 Ultimate Displaced Fan Contest. That contest launched me into a whole new world of super-fans.”

Sounds like you and father shared many Miami moments together. Is there one that stands out?

“Yes, some of my fondest Dolphins moments are watching games with my dad. The one that stands out the most though is when we watched the Miami Miracle together. It was just the best time ever! I’ll never forget how we paced around the kitchen and screamed, belly bumped, and flung each other around. It still gives me goosebumps when I think about it.”

Do you ever attend home games and what’s your game-day routine?

“Yes, I attend most home games. For a typical home game, I wake up really early around 6:00 AM. That gives me enough time to put on my game-day makeup and attire.

I typically set out my outfit the night before. My outfit varies from game to game as I like to keep it interesting.

It’s a two hour drive from Naples to the stadium so I leave the house around 7:00 AM to make it to the E12 tailgate by 9:00 AM. We tailgate until about 12:30 and then start heading in for game time!” 

What music gets you hyped up on game-day?

“Solo D gets me pumped for each game! He releases a new Miami Dolphins themed song about the upcoming game each week. His song ‘Hit Squad’ is my favorite.”

What game are you most looking forward to this season?

“I am looking forward to the away game at Jacksonville. It’s a Thursday Night game and we plan on taking over their stadium. We are going to make it feel like a Dolphins home game. I also like Miami’s chances to win that game.” 

Leave us with your prediction. How many games will the Dolphins win this season?

“I believe the Dolphins will win 10 games this season.”

Allie we love your Dolphins Pride! Fins Up!

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Lead Writer for primarily covering the Miami Dolphins. Jamie is a lifelong sports fan and a student of the game. Jamie religiously attends Dolphins Home Games and considers Miami the coolest city on the planet. You can follow Jamie on Twitter @TheJamieBahamas and Instagram @JamieBahamas

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1 Comment

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