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305 Talks: What Is The Most Important Position In Football?

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In a 53-man roster, filled with 22 players on the field at once, 11 on offense and 11 on defense, what position is the most important position in football?

With a number of opinions from different perspectives, we decided to ask some of our 305Sports writers who they believed was the most crucial position on a football team.

Michael Yero: While many say defense wins championships, a talented offense will fall victorious at the end of the day. Without a top quarterback, no team accomplish the ultimate goal, a championship.

When defenses even eachother out like in Super Bowl LIV against the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, the QB will have the final say to how a game will result. If it weren’t for a hot fourth quarter from Patrick Mahomes, a miraculous second-half for Tom Brady in Super Bowl LI, or a surprising playoff run by Nick Foles to lead the Eagles to be Super Bowl LII victorious, those respective football teams could have resulted on the losing side.

Even in heartbreaking losses, the QB’s ultimately play the most crucial role in a win/loss scenario. If Seattle’s Russell Wilson didn’t throw the last-minute interception in Super Bowl XLIX or Ohio State’s Justin Fields didn’t throw a season-ending pick against Clemson just last season, who knows what could’ve happened.

Jamie Bahamas: Football is the true definition of a team sport. I will use Madden to illustrate my point. You can have a player that is ranked 99th (Madden Perfection Rating) on the worst-ranked team and find it very difficult to win games. 

With that being said, I believe the most important position without a doubt is the quarterback spot. There is a reason they have the highest average salary at $6.5 million. In fact, the last seven NFL Season MVPs have been quarterbacks. 

Quarterbacks are even more valuable today than ever, the game has evolved and many of the rules favor the offense and the passing game. Having a dominant quarterback can be the difference from being a perennial playoff team versus being a team drafting in the top five.

Michael Howard Becker: The most important position to a football team is one that is often overlooked. First to blame, last to fame. When it comes down to it, nothing happens without the Center. 

The Center is the heart and soul of an offense. They control the quarterback getting the ball, while still being able to block effectively. As a Center, you have to properly communicate with the rest of the offensive line about blitzes and defensive fronts, keeping the linemen on the same page. Without the proper center, a great team will simply fall apart.

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