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2022 Miami Dolphins Fan Of The Year: Dolphreaky

Miami Dolphins superfan Allie Goodman, also well-known as Dolphreaky was recently named the team’s 2022 fan of the year.

Photo via Miami Dolphins

The vibe at Hard Rock Stadium was electric the night of Tua Tagovailoa’s return.

It was a rare Sunday night game for the Miami Dolphins. The NFL and the Dolphins were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the one and only perfect season, as Miami got set to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tagovailoa, in the midst of a breakout season, returned to lead the Dolphins after missing the last three games due to injury. Yet, there was still one more reason why this night was special. 

The 2022 Miami Dolphins Fan of the Year Revealed – Allie “Dolphreaky” Goodman

Allie can always be found at the East 12 tailgate party prior to Dolphins home games. Therefore, Allie probably should have known something was up when her Dolphins Member Service Representative called her earlier in the week to find out if she was planning on being there.

However, her representative played it off well. He kept the surprise under the guise of the team wanting to interview superfans as part of the 50th-anniversary celebrations.

At the time, Allie had no idea what was to come. 

Allie always seems to be looking out for others. It was this trait that tipped her off that something special was about to happen. On game day, Allie was approached by two members of the Dolphins organization at the tailgate.

They wanted to confirm that “she” was there. What stood out to her was that she was in the presence of so many other superfans, yet she was singled out.  

Her suspicions were correct.

Moments later emerged the Miami Dolphins Media Crew accompanied by Dolphins Mascot. All Allie could do was cry tears of joy when the words were uttered “Congratulations, you are the Miami Dolphins Fan of the Year!” 

“I would also like to thank the Miami Dolphins for choosing me as their FOTY22 and, most importantly, the fans who nominated me,” Goodman said. “So many dedicated their time to writing beautiful and humbling nomination letters.”

There are Super Fans but only one 2022 Fan of the Year

Allie believes the Dolphins have the greatest fans in the world. For that reason, she was even more humbled by the nomination. 

But let’s be honest, while Dolphreaky didn’t want to brag, her contributions to the community by leveraging the connections made while cheering the Dolphins on have been impressive. 

Dolpfreaky’s FOTY Resume 

Allie used her platform to create awareness, and raise money for causes that she cared about. 

“I felt like I could do more,” Goodman said in regard to her ever-growing social media following.

Stop the Tank Movement 

The perception of the Miami Dolphins’ strategy for the 2019 season was to lose as many games in order to solidify a better draft position. The season was deemed the “Tank for Tua” season and fan morale was down.

Goodman didn’t like this, and started a ‘Stop Tanking’ movement. The goal was to generate positive energy for the fans. Allie also sought to inspire the Dolphins to put the best product possible on the field.

Coincidentally, the Dolphins went on a winning streak after this movement was born.

Improved the Fan Experience 

Dolphreaky went on the road to Tampa to watch her Dolphins and came back home on a mission. Allie was dissatisfied with the experience at the Miami Dolphins home games.

She was disheartened, especially knowing that it had been better in the past. Allie knew that the fan experience was not going to cultivate future fans and was also alienating the current ones.

Allie took her concerns to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and the post went viral.

Among the many improvements Allie championed, were in-game giveaways and the return of the Dolphins Mascot TD. The Dolphins wisely took notice and made changes. TD returned to Hard Rock Stadium and so did the winning atmosphere.

It should be noted that Allie does not personally take credit for this.

“Many people credit me with all of that, but it was really the fans who took what I said and ran with it that made it all come to fruition,” she said.

If only it stopped there, but by now we know better. Allie became very good at bringing people together. So much so, that she cohosted the wedding of Dean Johnson and Sandy Daly with her friends Karen Phin Phunk Utegg at the East 12 Tailgate.

Dolphreaky is also back at it again as she will be hosting the wedding of Dolfans Chef Ju Wilson and Monicka this season.

Suicide Awareness 

Allie uses podcast appearances and her social media following to spread information on how people can get help or even help others who are considering suicide.

She was surprised at how many people were affected by this and more specifically how many people there were across the NFL. The cause was inspired by and dedicated to her friend Jay, also a Dolphins fan who she lost.

Support for Cancer Research 

Cancer has affected the lives of so many. Allie knows this all too well with her mother being a cancer survivor. She joined the Dolphins Cancer Challenge two years ago and encourages many to participate in any way they can. 

Started Her Own Charity 

After seeing countless Dolphins fans coming together to support a little girl by the name of Maci, an abuse survivor, whom they met at a tailgate, Allie was inspired to start her own charity Dolphreaky’s Phriends Inc.

Dolphrieky’s charity, with the help of some of her friends Justin Sarles, Keith and Jason Matheny has been holding food and clothing drives, most recently to help the Florida communities hard hit by Hurricane Ian. 

“I realized that yes, all the publicity stuff is fun, but what’s really important is how you can use your popularity for the betterment of the community,” Goodman said.

What’s Next For the Miami Dolphins 2022 FOTY

Allie is not sure what is to come as the reigning Dolphins Fan of the Year. What she does know is there is a trip to Super Bowl LVII in her future.

Allie already knows who she wants to accompany her.  When asked, Allie smiled and said, “the Miami Dolphins.”

While Dolphreaky will do everything in her power to make that happen, her actual invited guest will be her dad, whom she credits with the reason why she is a Dolphins fan.

Goodman is eager to meet the other team’s fan-of-the-year winners, and hear about their experiences and congratulate them in person. In the meantime, Dolphreaky plans to get back to her charitable causes and cheering on her Dolphins.

Dolphreaky for NFL Fan of the Year

Dolphreaky still could use your help. Allie has the chance to be voted the 2022 NFL Fan of the Year. She will be up against the 31 other 2022 Fan of the Year nominees, each representing one of the NFL teams. 

Starting on November 10, go to the NFL’s Official 2022 Fan of the Year website to cast your vote for Allie “Dolphreaky” Goodman. 

Lead Writer for primarily covering the Miami Dolphins. Jamie is a lifelong sports fan and a student of the game. Jamie religiously attends Dolphins Home Games and considers Miami the coolest city on the planet. You can follow Jamie on Twitter @TheJamieBahamas and Instagram @JamieBahamas

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